The EPB Preservation Group was formed in 1995 to save examples of the EPB (Electro-Pneumatic Brake) type trains which were steadily being withdrawn from public service from 3rd rail electrified routes in the South of England. In mid-1995 we purchased 1956 built 2EPB unit 5759 and moved it to its then new home on the East Kent Railway in Shepherdswell, Kent in 1997. 5759, along with the rest of the Group's collection is shortly to be departing the EKR for a new and exciting opportunity.


In 1999 Motor Luggage Van (MLV) 68001 arrived from Bournemouth Depot, purchased the previous year to enable own power electric operation on a heritage line.


In 2004 Bep 2325 was purchased and arrived at the EKR in February of that year. Built 7105 and upon refurbishment in 1982 emerging as 1537; in South West Train ownership it lost its TSO carriage for Buffet car 69013 and was renumbered 2325. This is now the only surviving Bep Buffet car and 7105 is the only unit with bogies original to the fleet.


Our aim has always been to run the units under their own power and to this end in 2007 we purchased MLV 68008 for long term conversion into a generator car to supply its own and an ajoining unit's traction motors. 68009 was purchased in 2009 primarily as a souce of spares for the other MLVs however we have not ruled out making it operational again and aquire spares for it as they become available.


The aims of the EPB Group and its slogan are Keeping Historic Electric Trains Working. We do this for the enjoyment and education of future generations and to this end became a registered charity in 2009, Number 1132225.




If you would be interested in becoming a member of the EPB Preservation Group please contact us or send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page.