Welcome to the website of Cep Unit 7105 managed by the EPB Preservation Group, a registered charity 1132225.


7105, containing 7014's buffet car is unique as it is the only Class 412 4Bep EMU in existence. It is also the sole remaining unit fitted with bogies original to the fleet, is the only one of its type that is being returned to original condition, pre the fleet's 1979-84 refurbishment by British Rail.


Our aim is to recreate one of the famous 'Boat Trains' which ran from Victoria to the Channel Ports of Dover and Folkestone between 1959 and the mid 1990s utilising 7105 and one of our Motor Luggage Vans. Preparations are well underway for their return to service, but we need your help.


Learn about the unit's history, follow the progress of the renovation work and help us by making a donation today.


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The EPB Preservation group has in its care 2EPB 5759, 4CEP 7105, MLVs 68001,2,8 & 9. Since 1995 we have been 'Keeping Historic Electric Trains Working' to educate and enable people to enjoy these 1950/60's third rail 750 volt DC Electric Multiple Units (EMUs).


In August 2015 we returned Motor Luggage Van 68002 to the main line albeit hauled by Battle of Britain steam locomotive 34067 'Tangmere', as part of SouthEastern's Family day at Ramsgate Depot.


50 Years ago the Ministry of Transport agreed that from 1st February units with red panels in the route indicator lit by two independant electrical circuits could use them instead of oil tail lamps.


4 Cep unit 7168 ran as a Bep for a week in February 1961. It was formed with Commonwealth bogie fitted buffet car S69009 from Phase 1 Bep 7010 to test the riding of a Commonwealth bogied unit before any Phase 2 Beps were available.


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The driver's cab side has been stripped back and repaired where necessary. The trail fitting of the handrail and driver's cab side window has taken place. 


We need your help to return 7105 to its former glory. Your support is greatly appreciated in restoring this important part of our national heritage.


Alternatively you can sponsor one of the components required to complete 7105's restoration by visiting the Donate page.

Thank you

The EPB Preservation group would like to say thank you to Brian who has donated handles and catches to the project. The handles are for the sliding door in the cab and the catches are for the inspection flap.